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“On 8th January 2013, a few days before my 62nd birthday, I was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer. At that time although overweight I was very fit. The proposed treatment was 3 x 3 weeks of Chemotherapy finishing in April, followed by open Surgery in late May, then a further 3 x 3 weeks of Chemotherapy which finished in October. The treatment went to plan but over the course of it my original weight of 16.5 stones dropped to 11.5 stones, along with that my core strength and muscle mass dropped massively, to the point where I even found it hard to hold up a bath towel to dry myself. I found it almost impossible to get through each day without spending hours sitting a snoozing. this made it very hard to get back into a work routine and it was all a downward spiral. My family decided that they would enrol me for 6 sessions with Steve, to get me stronger and fitter. This was not a course of action I would have chosen but because they all thought it would be of benefit I went along with it. Steve came to my home, looked at the surgical scarring and generally discussed the condition I was in, from that we agreed a course of action that would get me back in condition to live everyday life, with the major objective being to get me back on a tennis court.

Our first session (27th January 2013) involved me walking with Steve around our local park, doing some lunges and using a tension band to work on core strength. It took me a full week to recover from this (very modest) exercise. The second session was very similar and recovery took slightly less time. From that point on I have gone to Steve’s home Gym, where he has more equipment and a more in depth programme can be followed. In spite of my original doubts I have now had approx. 25 sessions with Steve on an almost one per week basis, I have gained something from every single one of them. Steve understands how to get the best from me and what my physical limitations are. I now work with kettle-bells, weight bags, free weights, medicine balls, sledgehammer, kickboxing, sparring, stretching, yoga and cardio techniques. I would not have envisaged that happening but Steve has let the sessions evolve and created a new tailor made programme each week, increasing weights, increasing repetitions and adding or taking away exercises to suit my progress., he does not believe in ‘one size fits all’. I am now 63, in better physical condition than I was at 53 and perhaps even 43, playing 2 hours of tennis on Friday of each week. My weight is back up to around 14.0 stones, my core strength continues to improve, I am able to work a full week when necessary and most importantly I am fit for everyday life and able to enjoy time spent with family and friends. Thanks to my family for caring enough to find Steve and to Steve for working with me to this point, which 7 months ago I could not have imagined would be possible. I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone considering engaging a Personal Trainer.

“I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to get help from a personal trainer. What I wanted to achieve was thoroughly discussed and I had great results in the first three months of my training. I received top class guidance and a top class training plan that I thoroughly enjoyed. Not once was I disappointed.”

“I have known Steve for 8years, I have trained along side him, taught along side him and been taught by him, as well as being fixed by him every time I get I injured, (which is quite frequent). im a world champion kickboxer, but was never very healthy and weighed 17stone, I lost all the weight but also lost all my power and strength, until Steve sat me down and explained what I should be doing with regards to my training and my nutrition. I have been doing conditioning training and weights with Steve and it really has made all the difference to my fighting now at a different weight, he really knows his stuff and has tailor-made a diet and training regime for me, before I was going to the gym 2-3 times a day! and going for long runs, Steve made me realise that yes I was training hard but not smart, and consequently im getting the same if not better results from training less. I would highly recommend Steve not only as Personal Trainer but as Sports Massage Therapist and a Nutrition advisor. I have always found it hard working so closely with men, as like most women you can be made to feel self conscious! Steve is very friendly and professional and puts you completely at ease!”

“I am wheelchair bound due to an off-road cycle accident. Steve has been organising my therapy for a number of years. He has planned bench, standing frame, cycle exercises etc, and at each of theses stages I have reached high performance levels. Steve always discusses and explains any new exercises he wants to include. With each new achievement I feel that taking unaided steps again is ever nearer. I am hoping that Steve will continue to be there patiently pushing, persuading and encouraging me during our sessions.”

“As a busy mum of three with a part time job I thought when am I going to have time to get fit without feeling more stressed and guilty that I should be doing something else i.e. preparing dinner, taxi service, homework etc, but what I found was a personal trainer could and would accommodate my timetable. Once I took the plunge, Steve was flexible with timing week by week and what fun it was!! Steve started with achievable targets and very quickly I was keen to achieve more and noticed my fitness level improve. I have more energy and motivation to deal with the everyday tasks i.e. preparing dinner, taxi service and homework!!!”

“When I arrived for my first session with Steve, I had only the basic idea that I wanted to improve my fitness. I had little idea where my limits were or what was available. Steve sat down with me and we had a great discussion around the options and came up with a set of goals both short term and longer term. We covered a wide variety of activities from cardio to weights and core work. The weight training was new to me but Steve took time to carefully explain each exercise and session. Explaining not only what the exercise was but which areas we were working on and why. He then offered help and advice during the exercises on how I could improve what I was doing to get the maximum benefit. Steve worked hard to ensure the sessions where always varied and interesting, and I always left feeling that I had achieved something. Having also tried one of Steve’s massages I would thoroughly recommend it and it is something I am looking forward to experiencing again.”

“I met Steve at my Martial Arts classes. I decided to do a six week course with him, to work the parts of my body that have changed after having 2 children. I told him how I wanted to look and he taught me lots of different exercises to achieve this. We did something different every week and he motivated me to train very hard. I have lost more weight than I thought possible and I am very pleased with the results I am seeing. Steve is a very nice man and I stopped feeling self-conscious very quickly. I would highly recommend him.”

“At the age of 47 and being 3 to 4 stones over-weight, I thought it was long overdue that I did something to lose the weight and be healthier. I decided to go to a personal trainer to give me that extra bit of a push, but not having been to one before I was unsure as to what to expect. I have always felt a bit self-conscious when attending a gym, but I met Steve at his house and immediately felt more at ease. I had signed up for a two month period and thought that we would jump straight into some exercising. However, before doing anything we had a chat about what I wanted to achieve and set some realistic goals. We also discussed my diet and the small changes I could make that would make a big difference to my weight. Steve has several alternative methods for exercising, including dumbbells, kettlebells and floor exercises, which he varies each session so that I never felt that the sessions were repetitive or boring. Steve is very encouraging and has a good manner. He is able to squeeze that extra bit of effort out of me where I might normally have given up. I can honestly say that in the two months I was training with Steve, I exceeded the targets that we had set and would recommend him to anyone considering using a Personal Trainer.”

I have been a client of Steves for 14 weeks, when I started working with him I had a very specific set of goals: I didn’t want to lose weight, I wanted to increase strength, especially upper body strength without bulking up. A specific goal I had was to be able to do full body press ups from my toes by the end of 12 weeks. I had hit a plateau with my fitness and as a runner who regularly runs 10k, was not seeing any improvement in my run times or performance. This needed to change. Despite my remaining active, both getting older and having had two children had taken a toll on my body. I had accumulated stubborn fat pockets around my abdomen, hips and upper thighs and lost muscle tone. I wanted to lose these and was seriously contemplating non-invasive liposuction procedures. I wanted a trainer who could complement the kickboxing classes I had started, working with me to get my fitness levels increased for short/ sharp intensive workouts. Most importantly, with a fulltime job and a young family, I needed someone who could be flexible and work around my work and family commitments and be understanding if workouts needed to be moved on short notice. Over the last 14 weeks, I have achieved every goal I set out to achieve, some of them I had achieved within the first 8 weeks, including full body press ups. Whilst I fully expected to see some results, I didn’t think they would a) all be achievable and b) certainly not in the timeframes I have seen them achieved in. My muscle tone has visibly increased, with noticeable results in upper body, abdomen, bottom and thighs. I am over the moon about how much better my body is looking and I feel fantastic. Friends who haven’t seen me a for a few months have commented that I have lost weight when I haven’t. I have toned up, increased strength and look slimmer as a result. My running has improved, with more muscle strength. I don’t tire as much on hills and am able to run for longer distances. My ability to work out intensively is also improving. Steve has even succeeded in tackling my Achilles heels of exercise equipment and got me back using and enjoying the rowing machine. As a direct outcome of these results, my exercise phobe husband has also started working with steve and also seen amazing results. He had a completely different set of goals.

I can say with 100% certainty that I would never have been able to get close to achieving these results on my own, as I needed pushing out of my exercise rut and comfort zone. I also needed someone who knows what they are doing to build workouts that would achieve my goals. 14 weeks in, my workouts are varied, fun, challenging and always pitched at the perfect level for me, pushing me every time. Working out with Steve has also given me the confidence to enrol in an assault course challenge, something I have wanted to do for years but never thought I would be able to. Finishing the tough mudder challenge is my next goal and I am looking forward to kicking my fitness up another notch over the next 5 months!