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If you train with me at BareBonesFitness I aim to provide a unique service. A service that hopefully meets and exceeds your expectations.

About our classes

As the name BareBonesFitness suggests, I attempt to keep things as un-complicated as possible.  I mainly use weights (inc kettlebells), bodyweight exercises and that is it. This is to allow you to replicate, as much as possible, the routines at home without investing in too much equipment, thus keeping your fitness activity costs to a minimum. This also means that you can concentrate on working hard rather than faffing around with equipment. IE changing weight plates on dumbbells/barbells etc.

We offer...

1 on 1 Training & Bootcamps

Whether you wish to just get stronger or faster. Or whether you want to train for you specific sport I can tailor sessions for you own unique goals.

I aim to provide exciting and engaging bootcamps that centre around kickboxing techniques and fitness as well as incorporating circuit training. I will guide you through my well established martial arts syllabus focusing on form, strikes and defense. The conditioning combines cardio and strength training to improve speed, power, endurance and agility. Sessions are appropriate for beginners and more experienced athletes alike.


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