Martial Arts Classes

Classes available for all ages.

Lil Ninjas

Ages 4 – 6

Bare Bones Martial Arts is a firm believer in ensuring that every student’s Martial Arts journey is all encompassing no matter their age. This age specific class, Little Ninjas, is a perfect mix of Martial Arts, Life Skills and Confidence boosting. Students will be learning the basic forms and movements and talking about different life skills such as discipline, respect and listening etc. The syllabus covers the Martial Art techniques from beginner to mini Black Belt. The programme also has weekly sessions on subjects such as stranger awareness, traffic / road safety, anti-bullying and so much more. The aim is by the end of the programme, not only will your child have completed their gradings to reach the equivalent of the first adult belt, but they will also have the knowledge of how to be a fantastic, confident, kind and thoughtful member of society.

Junior Ninjas

Ages 7-9

Learning an appropriate syllabus to re-enforce the skills learnt in Lil Ninjas and taking on new challenges such as set pieces (blocks and counters) and safe sparring. New topics are introduced including courage, concentration and perseverance. There is no previous experience required to start Junior Ninjas, just enthusiasm, and a willingness to join in and learn.


Ages 9-14

A more formal approach is now introduced. Our main aim for this age group is to provide them with an all round kickboxing training programme that not only moves them up through the different belt ranks and increase their confidence to spar, but also ensures that we are providing them with the tools to become positive role models to their siblings and peers.An emphasis is placed on friendship, camaraderie and teamwork amongst others.


Ages 14+

All abilities and fitness levels are catered for. The Adults programme is fantastic mix of kickboxing, fitness, strengthening, confidence boosting and cardio. Our classes are designed to take into account your personal goals wether to just get fitter and stronger, learn a new skill or to achieve your black belt and to compete.  All students follow a graded syllabus, with the Beginner students focusing on learning the basic kicks, punches and stances before they move to the exciting Advanced programme where the pace speeds up and there is the introduction of sparring to the lessons as well as padwork, fitness and flexibility. If students so wish, we have access to many different kickboxing competitions as well as workshops and seminars with other clubs. We ensure we spend time as well on the ethos of Martial Arts which is what makes our classes so welcoming, with everyone working together to achieve the same goal of trying their best and achieving whatever personal goal they have set themselves from becoming the next World Champion kickboxer to losing weight, gaining confidence or making new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

No – everyone is welcome! Our method of teaching is all about only giving you as much as you are capable of – it is so important that you enjoy what you are doing! Before you know it, you will be moving faster, and working through more sets just through your improved fitness from working with us.

You just need to ensure you are wearing clothes suitable for training and also have a bottle of water with you. If you decide to join, then we will provide you with your uniform.

We can work on different techniques with you and ensure you are making the most of padwork to get your confidence to a place where you are able to then partake in sparring sessions if you would like to.

Our lessons are designed in such a way that each activity only lasts for a certain amount of time before we move onto the next thing. This way, the child doesn’t get bored or fidgety! Our methods of teaching also help enormously with focus and concentration.
Of course!! It’s so important that your child feels confident before joining in. However, part of our teaching is all about confidence and we work closely with you to ensure that your child will become more confident in all aspects of their life by following our programme.
That depends on how often you train! We are not a black belt factory, and in fact, each belt must be earned on merit, technique and hard work. There is no time limit on receiving your black belt, but all gradings must be completed beforehand.

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